Compensation Data

CompAnalyst Crowd-Sourced Data Options

MORE DATA CHOICES: Modern pricing starts with crowd-sourced data options

CompAnalyst's new crowd-sourced data options deliver real-time price comparison points for fast-moving jobs in competitive markets.

Contemporary intelligence

Keep a pulse on emerging hot jobs and ever-changing prices by leveraging the freshest data in the market.

Improved transparency

Prepare managers for compensation conversations by showing them what employees see when they research pay.

Configurable access

Select the right data for your business by including or excluding crowd-sourced data during the pricing process.

Choose Your View : Different data views for different tasks

Toggle back-and-forth between your preferred data sources. Easily include or exclude crowd-sourced data from market pricing, composites, reports, and data visualizations.

Keep your crowd-sourced data organized

Quickly find the right job in our data set. Our unique three-level job taxonomy groups related jobs by family, function, and focus for improved organization and ease-of-use.

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